Victory for people’s power in Jackson: Chokwe Lumumba elected mayor

A significant political breakthrough happened on Tuesday, June 4 when Chokwe Lumumba was elected mayor of Jackson, Mississippi.

As we wrote before, Chokwe ran for mayor on a radical people’s platform. The political establishment tried everything to stop him at every step along the way, but in the end he was elected by a strong margin and will become mayor on July 1. His comments captured the feeling of the day:

“I’m just delighted. I feel wonderfully well about the people and their vote. Our slogan has been the people must decide and the people gave us an outstanding mandate today for positive change in the city of Jackson.”

We congratulate Chokwe Lumumba on his victory, as well as the people’s movement which carried the day through tireless organizing across three election campaigns in a row. And we recommend that anyone interested in justice and self-determination should get familiar with the Jackson Plan of Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, to better understand the context and significance of this important election.

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