May Day 2013: Solidarity and struggle around the world

Here are a few photos from the rallies, marches and celebrations of the workers, immigrants, and oppressed people around the world who took to the streets on May Day.

Women march in Dhaka, Bangladesh. A garment factory collapse near Dhaka last month killed more than 400 workers, mostly young women.

Protesters in New York marched for immigrant rights and against deportations. The Obama administration has deported more than 1.5 million people.

In Sri Lanka, workers march with posters of Marx, Engels and Lenin.

Union banners lead a march in Madrid. The unemployment rate in Spain stands at over 27%; the unemployment rate for young people is almost 60%.

In China, swimmers celebrate May Day by swimming in the Yangtze as Chairman Mao once did.

In Manila, protesters burn effigies representing the United States and Philippine governments.

Transgender workers took part in a massive May Day march in Jakarta.

Many unions and political organizations joined together for a May Day rally in Instanbul.

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