Getting the Picture: Corporate Crime Scene in West, Texas

Late update: In a new series of articles, the Austin Statesman is revealing how federal and Texas state officials are attempting to hide and cover up what happened in West and who is responsible. The first and second articles in this series have been published so far.

This article by Anne Lewis was published on The Rag Blog.Photo from Getty Images via The Bay Area's News Station:

This is about the fertilizer explosion in West, Texas, on the night of April 17, 2013. It’s also about Patrick Bresnan who found himself in West on the night of the explosion and his photographs in the aftermath of the tragedy.

Governor Perry called it a crime scene; the progressive community says, yes, corporate crime. Neither the paranoid fantasy of Governor Perry who is stuck in an ideology that says that companies can do no wrong, nor the abstract politics of progressives blaming the state’s lack of regulation — “We shouldn’t produce fertilizer anyway because it’s not good for the planet,” I overheard in a coffee shop — seem to get at any real truth.

I ask myself the question: how one can be kind and dignified in the face of such sorrow and loss? I try to collect myself and cannot help but think about the Central Appalachian coalfields.

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