All eyes on Jackson: Help make Chokwe Lumumba mayor

Chokwe Lumumba has shaken up the political establishment in Jackson, Mississippi with his success in two elections in a row. Now he is on the edge of becoming mayor, and the time is now to make every effort to support him.

The first vote was the Democratic primary on May 7. Lumumba — who is a city councilmember, a movement lawyer who once defended Assata Shakur, and a founding member of Malcolm X Grassroots Movement — took second place in a crowded field. He beat out many other candidates, including the incumbent mayor. Then he won a primary runoff election on May 21 by a ten-point margin. Now only the general election is the last test before he becomes Jackson’s next mayor.

In past elections the winner of the Democratic primary has been a lock to win the general election. But this year Lumumba’s opponents are continuing to put up a fierce fight. Why? Because Lumumba represents a radical new vision for the city. His people’s platform breaks with politics as usual to highlight the right to self-determination and an economic plan centered on the rights of workers.

Although his victories are already significant, winning the general election is essential so that his plan can be put into practice. Lumumba’s campaign can use any help in the form of donations, volunteers, or public support. Don’t let this precious opportunity slip by!

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