Remembering Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher with Augusto Pinochet

When revolutionaries, comrades, or heroes of the people die, we often remember them with a cry of ¡Presente! — a heartfelt promise that their spirit is still present with us and that we will carry on their work.

This week we learned of the death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. In her time in office she broke the great British miner’s strike, supported the Chilean butcher Pinochet and South African apartheid, provoked a needless war with Argentina, tried to crush the Irish national liberation struggle at all costs, and generally devastated lives and communities across Britain, Ireland, Argentina and elsewhere. So we started to wonder: is there such a thing as an anti-Presente?

Some thought that poetry would be the most fitting way to commemorate this event:

A Haiku for Margaret Thatcher (she’s doesn’t deserve more)

Thatcher’s passed, amen
Steel and stone in a helmet
Alternatives abound

But some thought we should go more festive:

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