In Honor of International Women’s Day 2012

Happy International Women’s Day! Women's Work

On this important day, spend some time with the playlist posted by the Fuckin’ Loudest Asians in honor and celebration of all proletarian and oppressed-nationality women.

And check out marxasm: revolutionary study on gender and queer liberation. This reader was put together by the Appalachian members of the Tennessee District of FRSO/OSCL in order to deepen our thinking and understanding of gender, sexuality, and a politics of liberation for all people that centers self-determination, solidarity, desire, and freedom. With readings from a variety of Left thinkers, this text was the foundation of an almost year long study and discussion that brought us together and pushed us forward. On International Women’s Day we offer it as another tool in fighting for the liberation of people of every gender, of every sexuality–the liberation of our world from the subordination of our hearts’ contents based on the narrow and backward feelings and misunderstandings of biology that have so warped our ability to relate to one another, love one another, fight together, and make revolution together.
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