Adrienne Rich, Elizabeth Catlett, & Louis Reyes Rivera, PRESENTES!

Elizabeth CatlettLouis Reyes Rivera

Adrienne Rich

This spring we bid farewell to three creative heavyweights in the struggle for social justice. Adrienne Rich, whose fierce loyalty to poetry and politics inspired several generations of feminists. Elizabeth Catlett, one of the most prominent African-American artists of the last century, whose sculptures and prints focused on race and class struggle. And Louis Reyes Rivera, known as “The People’s Poet,” who channelled his connection between Black and Latino cultures to inspire and engage the community.

These heroes will be missed. They remind us that without art, without poetry, our fight would have no soul. And without politics, meaning without the willful consciousness of the multitude of histories, communities, and voices in this world, our art would have no soul either. Their work reminded us of what we are fighting for.

Here are several articles about these great spirits.

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Are You With Me?: A film dedicated to Louis Reyes Rivera

On the passing of two giants


Deaths Elsewhere in Arts & Entertainment: Adrienne Rich is gone and we are not somewhere else but here

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