What We’re Reading: 90th Anniversary of the CPC

In July 1921, a small handful of revolutionaries met in Shanghai to found the Chinese Communist Party. At that time China was known as the “sick old man of Asia” — losing sovereignty and national dignity to foreign imperialist powers while the Chinese people suffered under severe feudal, patriarchal and capitalist oppression; and the members of the Communist Party were barely enough to fill a room. Fast forward 90 years to today. The Chinese Communist Party has led a socialist revolution that liberated one quarter of the human race; today it numbers more than eighty million members and determines the political direction of the largest nation on earth. Socialists around the world have long been keenly interested in the Chinese revolutionary struggle and many have taken inspiration from the world-historic leading role of the Chinese working class and peasantry, as well as their Communist Party, during the last 90 years. But analyzing the situation in China today and the nature and direction of the Communist Party remains a contentious proposition. Here are a couple of articles that we have been reading and discussing on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the CCP.

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