Our USSF Workshop Recommendations

Feel overwhelmed by the huge number of events and workshops happening at the US Social Forum? So were we! So we put our heads together and came up with a list of recommendations. If you’re at the Forum and want a printed palm card of this list, drop by our table and we’ll be happy to hand you one in person! We also have a longer list of Eco Justice-specific workshops you can check out as well. Workshops in bold are the ones we’re putting on as an organization.

If you’re not sure you’re making it to the tables but want it anyway, here’s a print-ready version you can download.

Wednesday 10:00 am–12:00 pm
Socialist Activists Rebuilding Public Space Through Fighting the State Budget Crisis Cobo Hall O2-39 (Solidarity)
Building a Participatory Democracy: The Jackson, Mississippi People’s Assembly and the Black Struggle for Self-Determination Cobo Hall W2-61 (Kali Akuno)
Popularizing Radical Politics: How We Convey Our Ideas and Ideals Wayne CCC 349 (Friendly Fire Collective)
Toward A Third Reconstruction: Southern Organizing in the Battle for Democracy WSU Manoogian: 150 (CCDS)
Eco Justice 101 AFL-CIO Canopy
Wednesday 1:00 pm–5:00 pm
Excluded Workers Congress Cobo Hall D2-15
Up South, Down South PMA Cobo Hall W2-68 (Project South)
Indigenous Peoples MA Cobo Hall D3-17
Food Sovereignty PMA Food Justice Canopy
Queer People’s Movement Assembly Cobo Hall W2-67
Wednesday 3:30 pm–5:30 pm
Repeal Coalition: A South West strategy to repeal ALL anti-immigrant laws Location UAW Building: Escort (Repeal Coalition)
End of Capitalism: Crisis of Sustainability WSU Old Main 1134 (End of Cap Stdy Gp)
Thursday 1:00 pm-5:00 pm
Urban Congress 2010 Cobo Hall W2-66 (RttC)
Immigrants Rights from Below PMA Cobo Hall M3-31
Indigenous Peoples’ Assembly Cobo Hall D3-17
Building Unity and Organization in the Black Liberation Movement Cobo Hall W2-68 (Saladin, MXGM)
Multilingual Strategies for Movement Building Cobo Hall D3-26 (SONG)
Strategies for Transformation Labor & the car industry in upheaval Cobo Hall M2-30
Thursday 3:30 pm-5:30 pm
Glenn Beck’s Nightmare: What it Will take to Build a Movement for 21st Century Socialism Cobo Hall W2-63 (POWER)
Presente! Left Movement Veterans Discuss the Path to Power and the Role of the Left in the US. Cobo Hall W1-51 (Freedom Road/OSCL)
From Reform to Revolution: Working-class politics in the age of Obama WSU Old Main 143 (CP)
Friday 10:00 am-12:00 pm
How Things Change as the Stay the Same: Implications for Intergenerational Organizing WSU Old Main O171
Developing Radical & Revolutionary Approaches to Reform Struggles WSU Cohn 220 (NYSG)
Building a Progressive Multi-issue LGBTQ Movement WSU Prentis: 15
New Majority Organizing Cobo Hall W2-61 (RttC)
Why Capitalism is Organized Crime & Socialism is the Alternative Cobo Hall DO-03B (Party of Liberation and Socialism)
Arizona: Challenging an Apartheid State Cobo D2-13
Open Forum and Conversation: It takes a village to permanently build social justice! A Call to activists from Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia UAW Building: PRES
Friday 1:00 pm-3:00 pm
21st Century Socialism: What It Is and How To Get It Woodward 1473 (CCDS)
Friday 1:00 pm-5:30 pm
Revolutionary on the Daily: Visions for New Societies, Revolutionaries Organizing Ourselves Cobo Hall M2-30 (RWIOT)
Uniting Communities: LGBTQ Equality in Communities of Color Cobo Hall O2-43
We Are All Arizona Now: Strategies to resist racism & militarism from the border to the interior Cobo Hall W2-58
Inter-Alliance Dialogue Convention – Grassroots Responses to the Economic Crisis and Critical Issues of our Time Cobo Hall O3-45
Friday 3:30 pm-5:30 pm
Examining Intersectionality and Discrimination of LGBT People of Color Wayne CCC 142
Time to step-it-up! Uniting Leftists to develop a transformational alliance, get to scale, & win Cobo Hall W2-61 (Freedom Road/OSCL)
A discussion about the life and example of Anne Braden Woodward 1473
Friday 6:30 pm-9:00 pm
PLENARY: Alternatives, Visions, and Solutions
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