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Coming to the US Social Forum? Then let us show you where it’s at! Check us out at the following spots.

Freedom Road/OSCL table at the USSF: Drop by and chat it up with our fab people, check out our latest schwag, and get tips on what’s live!


Presente! Left Movement Veterans Discuss the Path to Power and the Role of the Left in the US
Date: Thursday June 24th from 3:00pm to 5:00pm
Event Location: Cobo Hall W1-51
Description: Long-time activists Bill Gallegos, Lian Hurst Mann, Chokwe Lumumba, Jane Slaughter, Linda Burnham, and Pam Tau-Lee join other Leftists that have plied their trade for over 30 years in an urgent discussion on the role of the left in today’s social movements. These Movement Veterans have seen the Left transform significantly from a period of widespread, frantic left activity to the period of decline the left has found itself in recently. Today, both the Left and social movements in this country are faced with immense opportunity to play a role in changing the oppressive conditions in this country and striking a blow against US-led Imperialism. What role will or should it play? What must the organized Left do to help create real and profound change in the US and the World? How will it transform itself to be ready to take on these challenges? Our panelists will tackle these and other critical questions. Join these veterans as they put their decades of experience to use in discussing these critical questions with you!

Time to Step it Up! Uniting Leftists to develop a transformational alliance, get to scale, & win
Date: Friday June 25th from 3:00pm to 5:00pm
Location: Cobo Hall W2-61
Description: If you’re ready to bring it, join us to discuss what is required of effective Leftists & socialists in this moment. Look at the size of our movements and compare that to the scale required to win real victories. We all know it: we need to change shit up. This is a moment of 3 intersecting crises produced by capitalism: the neo-liberal economic crisis that has entrapped millions in violent poverty; an ecological crisis which threatens the existence of the planet; and a political crisis in which the state is exposed as a tool of corporate power. This is both a dangerous conjuncture and a terrain favorable to raising Left alternatives. A historical analysis reminds us that scattered movements got to scale by building strategic alliances. To be effective in this moment, we need to consolidate Left forces and increase our coordination. This workshop is an opportunity to discuss a proposal to step-up our organizing by building a new front that will allow us to get to scale. We will consider how a new formation should include political education to deepen and advance strategy, coordinate mass-movement work, and lead an innovative communications plan to put out courageous alternatives and solutions to the current crises. It’s time to step-it up and work together to build a new form of organization that will be a base for building our movements to scale. It’s time to achieve victory.

And last but definitely not least: we’ll be in force at the Leftist Lounge, the biggest party of the Left this year! Swing by our table while gettin’ your groove on.

See you in Detroit!

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