Eleven Talking Points On 21st Century Socialism


Carl Davidson

Comrades and friends: Below, a boiling down of socialism to eleven
talking points by CCDSer Carl Davidson.  In keeping up with the
spirited dialogues happening here and across the United States and the
rest of the world about alternatives–something, anything, please!–to
capitalism, revolutionaries in the Marxist tradition are finding new
energy in creating a shared vision of what that other world, the one
that’s possible, could possibly be.  Up from kitchen tables and blogs
to the pages of The Nation (and unfortunately in the filthy mouths of
cable TV’s pundits), people are talking about what is, and what isn’t,
socialism. While describing
what the total transformation of our whole world could be like is no
small or even finishable task, and acknowledging that some
points may not be everyone’s vision of what the world we can make would
be, this is posted as part of this capital-d Discussion of this
historic period where we might just figure out how to sink this ship
while building a new one to keep all of us afloat. Carl welcomes your comments and feedback; e-mail him at carld717@gmail.com.




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