The Road Ahead for 2007-2010

Every three years, Freedom Road Socialist Organization / Organización Socialista del Camino para la Libertad develops a strategy for a new period. The strategy is developed based on the political conditions and main challenges we face in the period, summation of our previous work, and debate and struggle within the organization.

This period our strategy looks different than any other. In the previous three-year period, the US left faced chaotic and quickly changing political conditions — the US war on Iraq and US-backed invasion of Lebanon by Israel, the devastation and displacement caused by hurricane Katrina and the racism and lack of social security provided by the state, and extreme immigrant backlash leading to the mobilization and uprising of immigrants. From these conditions and from our continued belief in the need for greater organization of the left, we believe that if we truly want to build a revolutionary movement in the United States, the left cannot continue to function as it has.

To build the movement we must develop a revolutionary organization — an organized vehicle and plan for moving forward that is based among the oppressed. While we continue to engage and organize among the sectors of workers, youth, and students, in the anti-war movement, in Katrina survivor solidarity, for immigrant rights, etc., we will do so with an eye towards building stronger relationships and alliances among the social movement left and the organizational left.

That said, we want to talk to you — those engaged in the struggle against capitalism and imperialism! We want to hear your ideas about what it is going to take to build a stronger left, what forms of organization are needed and what issues or concerns you may have about building revolutionary organization.

In order to kick off the conversation this year you can expect:

• A new pamphlet on the need for revolutionary organization entitled “Which Way is Left?”

• A book on the history and organizing and methods to fight against white supremacy (to be published this spring)

• A road show in key cities featuring creative presentation and in-depth discussion of “Which Way is Left?”

We look forward to seeing you in the streets, at the US Social Forum, and organizing among the masses!

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