Readers respond to Raza Youth Rise Up

Raza Youth Rise Up: Student Mobilizations in the 1990s/La Juventud de la Raza se Levanta: Las Movilizaciones en los 90, the new analysis published by the Oppressed Nationalities Commission of Freedom Road, was posted on this website on August 11, and has already received hundreds of hits.

Now readers are starting to take advantage of the "Submit a Comment" feature, (the first time we have had one on the FRSO website) to add their thoughts and, we hope, kick off an ongoing discussion of the Chicana/o movement today and what lessons history has to teach us. So please read Marisol Padilla and Juan Taizan's important piece and please chip in your own experiences, ideas, disagreements and analysis.

Comments–and the form readers can use to submit their own–may be found at the end of the article.

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