Socialists Allied for Global Justice

(On the weekend of September 28 and 29, 2002, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank held their annual meetings in Washington D.C. Freedom Road protested the event as part of a Socialist Contingent organized with the Socialist Party and Solidarity. The Socialist Contingent distributed the following leaflet.)

We are united in our opposition to the tyranny of capitalism that places the resources and labor of our world under the ownership and control of a few self-interested profiteers. We oppose the globalization process of capitalism‚ which has been inseparable from imperialist violence and racist oppression, and from the exploitation and degradation of labor, culture, sexuality, and the environment.

The peoples of Asia, Africa and Latin America have been bearing the most destructive and murderous impact of this oppressive globalization and have been in the forefront of resisting that oppression. We are inspired by their resistance, and we recognize that the big business corporations which are destroying lives in other lands are devastating the lives of the working class majority in our own country.

We believe that hope for the future rests with the working-class of the world. This embraces a variety of occupations and conditions — all who sell their ability to labor in order to make a living, as well as all others who are dependent on those incomes, and those sectors of the working-class who are unemployed or retired. Most of us in the United States, and a majority of people in the world, are part of this working class.

We believe that this diverse majority must become aware of the need to defend itself from the destructiveness of capitalist globalization. To the extent that people organize around the principle that an injury to one is an injury to all, it will become possible to halt and reverse the tyranny and destructiveness of global capitalism. We believe that working and oppressed people should democratically run the economy and society and make decisions in the interest of the great majority, putting human need before profit. This is what we mean by socialism.

The Bush administration’s war policies, with the support of both Republicans and Democrats, have disregarded the lives of innocent civilians in Afghanistan, seek to dictate to other peoples who their own leaders should and should not be, threaten to involve us in a brutal conflict in Iraq, and rationalize murderous attacks on the Palestinian people. It is with the same orientation that the Bush administration supports the globally destructive policies of profiteering multi-national corporations that degrade the lives of workers and oppressed people in the US and throughout the world. Such policies must be resisted.

It is our goal to help build this resistance and to help facilitate popular participation in the struggles for a better world. We favor tactics and initiatives that seek to generate mass action, rooted in the needs and aspirations of the working-class majority.

During the last week of September, a wide array of people from different backgrounds and perspectives are in Washington, DC to dissent, dialogue and protest capitalist globalization. They represent a rich diversity of tactics. We stand in solidarity with all those who are resisting corporate power, repression of democratic rights, and the war machine — in Washington, in the global South, and throughout the world.

As socialist organizations, we are marching together around the ideas expressed here, despite differing perspectives on important questions. We approach our differences with mutual respect, and we hope to learn from shared experiences. We welcome all individuals who accept these unifying principles. And we look forward to working with all those who are active in the struggle for global justice.

  • No War Against Iraq!
  • Justice for the Palestinian People!
  • Abolish IMF/World Bank!
  • End Capitalist Domination of Our Planet!
  • Workers and Oppressed People of All Countries, Unite!

Socialist Party USA
Freedom Road Socialist Organization

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